EPC Steel become more competitive with ISO 9001 certification

During October, EPC Steel and Processing Co., Ltd. gained its ISO 9001 certification under its parent company’s name. During the past two month, we informed some of our customers of this good news, they feel very glad with it. Because in some countries, ISO 9001 certification is  necessary to enter their suppliers list. In the [Read More]

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Season 2:Check how many do you know with these steel pipe standards

Last week, we wrote an article about the steel plate standards, listing a lot of standards about the carbons steel plate. Some friends told me that they will print it and see it everyday as a reference. To be frank, those standards can be searched everywhere in the Internet. If you have need with some [Read More]

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Come on! Check how many do you know with these steel plate standards

Today, we will list some steel plate standards for your reference.  Due to recently, some friends sent a lot of enquiries to us, some of them are about the fin tube, some of them are about the U tube of steel and Cu-Ni, and some of them are about the stainless steel sheet. But about [Read More]

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Why the HR stainless steel price rise more heavily than CR last week

Last week,  both of the hot rolled  and cold rolled stainless steel price rise continues their trends after a long time of rise up. But the trends start to polarize. That’s HR rise more heavily than CR.   Please check below several sets of figures: 304/2B  stainless steel price rise: Wuxi Market: The price of 2.0*1219*C [Read More]

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What EPC Steel Service can do for you

EPC Steel and Processing Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of fin tube and processing of steel products according to customer’s technical drawings. Due to many customers also have other requirements with steel products, so EPC Steel service can also do sourcing work with the steel plate, steel pipe, pipe fitting in many different material [Read More]

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