What is the advantage of the 3PE coating pipe

What is 3PE coating pipe? 3PE coating pipe is short for “three layers structure polyethylene anticorrosion coating steel pipe”. There are three layers in this pipe coating structure: The first one: Epoxy layer (Thickness > 100um) The second one: Adhesive layer (Thickness: 170um~250um) The third one: Polyethylene layer (Thickness: 1.8~3.7mm). 3PE Coating Pipe [Read More]

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Finned pipe how-to-produce shows in this video

In a previous article, we wrote a blog How to Produce the HF Welded Serrated Fin Tube , there were a lot of images to illustrate the production process of the serrated finned pipe. Today, we will use a vivid video to describe the production process of the finned pipe again. EPC Steel and [Read More]

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10 steps you need to know to import steel from China

Last month we posted the article of Why should you need to buy steel material and mechanical parts from China. There were several customers gave us feedback that they really wanted to import steel from China directly, but they did not know how to do that and they were afraid there would be some risks [Read More]

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Why should you need to buy steel material and mechanical parts from China?

Last month, there was a customer from Nigeria sent email to EPCSteel, he said he wanted to buy steel material from China, but he did not know how to do that? He often bought steel material from their local distributors in small quantity, and he knew the distributors’ material is from China and he was [Read More]

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Several Equipments Made Of Fin Tubes

Equipments made of fin tubes : Last time we introduced the serrated fin tube, which is with more complex technology process than any other types of fin tubes. Considering it, there is no need to introduce other types of fin tubes as below, they are easier to process: This time, we would like to introduce [Read More]

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How to Produce the HF Welded Serrated Fin Tube

I. Advantages Serrated fin tube is now more and more popular in the manufacturing of boiler, pressure vessel and other heat exchanger equipments. It has more advantages than other common solid fin tube, which mainly includes: Higher heat transfer coefficient. The serrate can make the gas flow across the fins freely, enhancing the turbulent motion [Read More]

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A case show you how we EPC Steel make orders to serve the customers

Quality and service are the most important two concepts that we EPC Steel consider to serve the customers. Besides the competitive price, we believe the customers also attach great importance to these two factors. After all, the both parties in the international trade never see each other and do not believe with each other at [Read More]

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How Chinese People Enjoy Their Spring Festival

From February 15th to February 21th 2018, Chinese traditional Spring Festival will come. According to the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, 2018 will be the year of Dog. The Year Of Dog But do you know how Chinese people enjoy their Spring Festival and what are happening and will happen during this period for a country [Read More]

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Several Pictures Show You How To Process The Tubesheet

https://youtu.be/4UgQP5VBAfY     Tubesheet is widely used in the construction and manufacturing of the Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, and many cusomters in this industry have need to buy the tubesheet, which vary from differnt diameter, differnt design and many other types. But do you know how the tubesheet is produced? Below several pictures [Read More]

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