Quality and service are the most important two concepts that we EPC Steel consider to serve the customers. Besides the competitive price, we believe the customers also attach great importance to these two factors. After all, the both parties in the international trade never see each other and do not believe with each other at first, but they will have financial and business connection in the future. How can we let our customers to believe our quality and service and to make payment to us? Here is a case that shows you how we EPC Steel make orders for the customer, and how we control the quality and provide service during the whole process.

  1. On December 21th, 2017, a Mexico customer sent us an enquiry by email after our several developing emails.
  2. But there are just the parameter about the tube sheets, and no detailed technical drawings. So we answered the customer asking them to provide the technical drawings. And they send back to us this drawings on December 22th
  3. But the drawing was still described without many details. So we made the drawings by ouselves on the basis of that and finished it as below also with three questions needed to be confirmed from the customer’s side on December 22th
  4. The customer’s feedback was very quick and marked the answer on the picture answering our questions


  1. After a weekend, on December 26th, we finished the drawings completely and provided our quotation as below, there were also several technical questions needed the customer to confirm:


  1. On December 29th, the customer also sent us their request with several baffle plates, which were together with the tube sheets.
  2. After discussed several commercial questions with the customer, we provided our quotation on January 2nd, 2018 after three holidays of 2018 new year.
  3. On January 3rd, the customer said they would give the order soon and asked us to provide our facilities and machinery pictures to them for reference, maybe they wanted to make sure we actually have these kind of equipments.
  4. After we sent them several pictures of our equipments, on January 9th, the customer finally sent us their final drawings and PO as below:

  1. After our technical dept. evaluated the drawings and PO, we found the technical tolerances are stricter than that we discussed before and the price needed to be improved because of this change. So I wrote to the customer as below:
  2. The customer is very kind and very professional, they accepted our price at last and sent the payment on January 11th
  3. After the order was confirmed and the payment was well received, we immediately ordered the raw material from the mill, sent the MTC and our ITP to the customer for confirmation. In this process, the ITP was very important to make sure the quality was strictly in accordance with the technical drawings.
  4. After the customer signed and stamped the ITP and relevant files, we started our production soon. But due to there was Spring Festival during February, the delivery time was a little late than that written in the file, but at last we delivered to the customer at the end of February. During the production, we sent some pictures to the customer from time to time to report the progress and the inspection result. Here are several pictures that we sent as below:
  5. After the goods were finished, we shipped them to the port with wooden package, which is safer to protect the goods during shipment. And sent the BL ,CI and other relevant files to customer.
  6. From this case, we summarized several advantages that we should keep in the future to better serve the customers.

(a) The professional technical drawings level. The customer just gave us a brief picture, we can finish it by ourselves and provide our professional advice, which are powerful advantages that can be presented to convince customer to believe our capability.

(b) Detailed files, especially the ITP file to control every step of the production is strictly in accordance with the quality requirement. In some cases like in steel pipe, we also need to provide the MPS to control the manufacturing.

(c) Best service. We provided the pictures of the every production process to let the customer to know the production progress and the inspection result.

(d) Reliable package. We use wooden box to pack the goods. Some suppliers don’t attach importance to the package. They just send the goods directly by pallet without package or just the paper package.

This is a standard operation process when we make orders to serve the customers. Maybe some aspects change when the orders conditions are different, but we grasp several most important points to make sure the quality and service are our greatest advantages to serve the customers.

A good news is that this customer has offered the second order at the end of March after they received and inspected the goods. We will serve this customer using our best quality and service and will try to establish long-term partnership.