Baffle plate are used in the heat exchanger, chemical equipment and pressure vessels, which is a part of the equipment always together with the tube sheet.

What is the usage?

Firstly, the baffle is designed to support the bundle tubes, stopping the tubes from sagging.

Secondly, the plate is to direct the fluids flowing according to the designated routine.

At last, the designated routine prevents the steam starvation effect, increases the fluid velocity and exchanger length and results in improving the heat transfer efficiency.

How does the baffle be processed?

The process of the baffle is same as the tube sheet. Because one heat exchanger always need several pieces of baffle sheets, so the several plates are put together to be drilled the holes at one time. You can see the video below to see the production of the tube sheet and baffle sheet.

What material can you process for the baffle sheet?

We can process many kinds of material for the product, just according to customer’s request. The normal material is carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and copper. And some customers need the copper-nickel material while some customers need the Titanium material.

What types of baffle sheet can you supply?

The baffle sheet types are depend on customer request. EPC Steel can always provide the longitudinal flow type, impingement type, orifice type, single segmental type, double segmental type, support type, blanking type, detuning type.

Important Notice:

When send request to EPC Steel, customers must illustrate the tolerance of the baffle sheet size and hole size. Because it is vital for the plate to be correctly installed  in the heat exchangers and for the tubes go through the holes.

EPC Steel Quality Assurance:

EPC Steel can process the baffle sheet in strictly accordance with the customer technical drawings and have comprehensive measures to make sure the quality are ok. If you want to know more about our order process, please click this link. And if you have such kind of request, welcome to send message to us, the form is under below.

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