From February 15th to February 21th 2018, Chinese traditional Spring Festival will come. According to the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, 2018 will be the year of Dog.

The Year Of Dog

But do you know how Chinese people enjoy their Spring Festival and what are happening and will happen during this period for a country of billions of population. Below several pictures will guide you to experience an interesting journey.

At the end of each year, every company or organization will hold a party to make summary of the current year and to celebrate the coming of the new year, they will have a dinner and put on performance.

At the annual meeting, the employee will get the year-end bonus from their boss.


Then they will stop working and pack up and go back to their hometown, which are hundreds or thousands miles away from their work place, the travel during this period is called the “Spring Festival Peak Travel Season”.

Normal days, the subway in the metropolis during workdays is like this:

But during the Spring Festival, the subway is like this:

Where are the people?
They are on their way back to their hometown

After they go back to home, the family will spend several days shopping to arrange for the Festival, as well as paste the spring festival scrolls and hang the lanterns to their gates.

At the Chinese New Year’s Eve, they will cook a rich dinner and all the family will sit together to enjoy their together time. The most famous food is the dumplings.

Of course, the “Spring Festival Party” on Chinese Central Television will be essential for their New Year’s Eve. It has been held for about 34 years, the programs in the party are very interesting, all the Chinese people all over the world like to watch them.

At the 0 o’clock of the first day of new year, they will set off firecrackers to celebrate the new year’s coming and pray for the health, wealth and peace in the new year.

After several hours sleeping or awake all night, at the morning of first day, they will walk outside and give their best wishes to everyone door by door and one by one. And the children will get gift or money, to wish their age will not grow and stay young forever.

Then during almost one week, they will hold different kinds of parties with their relatives and friends to drink, to sing and to chat. After all, they are in different work places and have not seen with each other for almost a year.

After that, they will pack up again and leave their hometown and go back to their work city to start a new year.

As the most important festival for Chinese people, The Spring Festival has last for more than thousands of years. No matter how the outside environment changes, the best wishes for the future of individual is same, the health, the wealth and the peace of a family, a country and the world will last year by year.

Now, please allow us EPC Steel And Processing Group to give our best wishes to our dear friends and customers, we wish you be a healthy, wealthy, and a peaceful dog in the Chinese New Year.

During the Spring Festival, all our EPC Steel staffs will still be 7*24 hours online serving for you. If you have any demand, please inform us.