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A106 Gr B seamless carbon steel pipe is for high-temperature service.The pipe shall be suitable for bending, flanging, and similiar forming operations and for welding. Mechanical testing of the specimens shall include tensile, bending, flattening, hydrostatic and nondestructive electric tests.


ASTM A106 Gr B steel pipe covers in NPS 1/8 to NPS 48 with nominal wall thickness as given in ASME B36.10M.It is permissible to furnish pipe having other dimensions provided such pipe complies with all other requirements of the ASTM A106 standard.

Chemical Requirements of the ASTM A106 Gr B Steel Pipe

Composition ASTM A106 Gr.B
Carbon, max 0.3
Manganese 0.29-1.06
Phosphorus, max 0.035
Sulfur, max 0.035
Silicon, min 0.10
Chromium, max 0.40
Copper, max 0.40
Molybdenum, max 0.15
Nickel, max 0.40
Vanadium, max 0.08

ASTM A106 Grade B

Tensile requirements of the ASTM A106 Gr B Steel Pipe:

Mechnical Property
Grade B
Tensile Strength, min, psi[Mpa]
60000 【415】
Yield Strength, min, psi [Mpa]
35000 【240】
Elongation in 2 in.[50mm], min, %
Basic minimum elongation transverse strip, tests, and for all small sizes tested in full section
When standard round 2-in.[50mm] gauge length test specimen is used

Heat Treatment of ASTM A106 Gr B steel pipe:

For pipe NPS 1 1/2 [DN40] and under, the pipe shall be permissible to furnish hot finished or cold drawn.
Unless otherwise specified, pipe NPS 2 [DN50] and over shall be furnished hot finished. When agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser, it is permissible to furnish cold-drawn pipe.
When the pipe be heat treated, the temperature shall be at 1200℉ [650℃] or higher.

Dimensions, Mass and permissible variations

The mass of any length of pipe shall not vary more than 10% over and 3.5% under that specified.
The minimum wall thickness at any point shall not be more than 12.5% under the specified wall thickness.
The diameter tolerance shall be in accordance with following table:

NPS[DN] Variations in Outside Diameter
Over in(mm) Under in(mm)
1/8 to 1 1/2 [6 to 40], incl 1/64 (0.4) 1/64(0.4)
Over 1 1/2 to 4 [ 40 to 100 ], incl 1/32 (0.08) 1/32 (0.08)
Over 4 to 8 [100 to 200], incl 1/16 (1.6) 1/16 (1.6)
Over 8 to 18 [200 to 450], incl 3/32 (2.4) 1/32 (0.8)
Over 18 to 26 [450 to 650], incl 1/8 (3.2) 1/32 (0.8)
Over 26 to 34 [650 to 850], incl 5/32 (4) 1/32 (0.8)
Over 34 to 48 [850 to 1200], incl 3/16 (4.8) 1/32 (0.8)

A106 Gr.B

Relevant Tests:

Bending Test
Flattening Test
Hydrostatic Test

Nondestructive Electric Test:

Ultrasonic Test
Eddy Current Examination
Flux Leakage Examination

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