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Finned pipe how-to-produce shows in this video

In a previous article, we wrote a blog How to Produce the HF Welded Serrated Fin Tube , there were a lot of images to illustrate the production process of the serrated finned pipe. Today, we will use a vivid video to describe the production process of the finned pipe again. EPC Steel and [...]

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Several Equipments Made Of Fin Tubes

Equipments made of fin tubes : Last time we introduced the serrated fin tube, which is with more complex technology process than any other types of fin tubes. Considering it, there is no need to introduce other types of fin tubes as below, they are easier to process: This time, we would like to introduce [...]

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How to Produce the HF Welded Serrated Fin Tube

I. Advantages Serrated fin tube is now more and more popular in the manufacturing of boiler, pressure vessel and other heat exchanger equipments. It has more advantages than other common solid fin tube, which mainly includes: Higher heat transfer coefficient. The serrate can make the gas flow across the fins freely, enhancing the turbulent motion [...]

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Several Pictures Show You How To Process The Tubesheet     Tubesheet is widely used in the construction and manufacturing of the Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, and many cusomters in this industry have need to buy the tubesheet, which vary from differnt diameter, differnt design and many other types. But do you know how the tubesheet is produced? Below several pictures [...]

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Season 2:Check how many do you know with these steel pipe standards

Last week, we wrote an article about the steel plate standards, listing a lot of standards about the carbons steel plate. Some friends told me that they will print it and see it everyday as a reference. To be frank, those standards can be searched everywhere in the Internet. If you have need with some [...]

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Come on! Check how many do you know with these steel plate standards

Today, we will list some steel plate standards for your reference.  Due to recently, some friends sent a lot of enquiries to us, some of them are about the fin tube, some of them are about the U tube of steel and Cu-Ni, and some of them are about the stainless steel sheet. But about [...]

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